Demuro-Spada's PalaceThe heart of Bosa
Bosa“Elegance, exclusivity and comfort.. with property”


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  • Bosa is a tourist locality in the west coast of Sardinia (Italy), characterized by its enormous history – maintaining a colonial and a multicultural architecture – and landscape richness. The “Planargia” region, called this way due to the flat nature of its territory, of which Bosa is considered the main inhabited centre, features an orographic structure, a geologic nature, many beautiful rock coasts with impressive breakwaters and slopes, different contrasts between diverse trachyte tonalities, between forests and seas, and an aggressive and wild landscape appearance.


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  • Sardinia is the second biggest island of the Mediterranean and one of the favourite tourist destinations nowadays. It is characterized by its uncontaminated botanical landscapes and fauna, its beautiful and unique beaches and its history and multicultural traditions which are clearly seen on its gastronomy, its architecture and its monuments.
  • The natural landscape of the island intermingles plains and forests, ponds and lakes, strong torrents that create gorges and waterfalls, extensive beaches, breakwaters and slopes.
  • Its sea’s transparency, its landscape´s beauty and uniqueness and its cultural, culinary and historic richness, are just a few of the innumerabile qualities that have made the Island to become a dream land for many tourists. Whoever comes in Sardinia falls in love with it and can not think about anything else but coming back at every possible occasion.


  • Discover the territory, the culture and wine of the region with the Route of la Malvasia
  • Enjoy and relax in the most fascinating beaches of the Mediterranean
  • Discover the The Coast of Bosa's rock depths and marine richness, practising diving
  • Enjoy the internal and coastal landscapes of the region, practising trekking and bicycle touring
  • Play golf at Is Arenas Golf & Country Club
  • Live a unique experience with the “Green Train” the old railway which will take you to never seen before uncontaminated places
  • Discover the cultural and artistic traditions of the region and the Island, visiting its different museums